As a one-stop shop for data, D3 has an extensive library for a variety of projects. Our work falls into five categories:


Data Collection: We collect and process administrative and government datasets for use at the local level. When these data are too general for use at the local level, D3 has collaborated with partners to collect primary data to fill geographic gaps.

Data Visualization: In order to ensure widespread understanding and interpretation of data, D3 creates visualizations that help people understand complex and diverse data patterns. Maps are the most common form of visualization, but we also transform spreadsheets into powerful and unique graphs, charts, illustrations and infographics.

Data Analysis: We perform expert analyses to benefit diverse planning efforts for community groups and regional collaborations. We utilize clear and transparent methods for combining and synthesizing various datasets into single measures.

Data Accessibility: We are committed to making data, visualizations and analyses accessible through a variety of online and printed products. We believe in increasing accessibility while respecting sensitivity and privacy by building relationships and restructuring data so it can be released to the widest possible audience. D3 provides access to national and regional datasets through online tools on our website. D3 also develops trainings about finding and using data.

Data-Driven Outcomes: All of our collection, visualization, analysis and accessibility work is focused on increasing data-driven outcomes in policymaking and collaborative planning processes throughout Detroit and Michigan. Our work helps build the civic capacity of disadvantaged communities through the infusion of data in collaborative efforts that improve quality of life.

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    Latest Data Sets Available on the D3 Open Data Portal
    • MotorCityMappingBlexts
      April 26, 2015
      MCM . . .
    • Vacant Structures by Census Block, Q4 2013 - Q4 2014
      March 25, 2015
      In January, 2014, Data Driven Detroit (D3) purchased a license of the Valassis Corporation's VNEF Plus database to receive quarterly updates of address-level vacancy data. Though the address-leve . . .
    • Police Stations
      January 7, 2015
      . . .
    • Fire Stations
      January 7, 2015
      . . .
    • Windsor Parcels
      January 7, 2015
      Parcels from the open data site at the City of Windsor, ON . . .
    • Vacancy Index, November 2014 (Aggregated)
      December 30, 2014
      The D3 vacancy index was designed to provide a more nuanced assessment of structural vacancy than the "occupied/unoccupied/maybe" categories used in the Motor City Mapping windshield survey. . . .
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