What is D-Acis?

Two metro-Detroit based grantmaking organizations – The Kresge Foundation and the Skillman Foundation – have partnered on funding an initial three-year, $1.85 million grant to City Connect Detroit, which will coordinate the build-out and operation of the proposed Detroit-Area Community Information System.

The new, independent data center will collect, analyze, and disseminate detailed information about neighborhood conditions related to health, housing, education, employment, environment, crime, and safety.  This shared knowledge will help metro-Detroit area stakeholders make coordinated, evidence-based planning, program and policy decisions, and united their efforts to improve the quality of life for residents of southeastern Michigan.

City Connect Detroit is well positioned to incubate D-ACIS, which will create a comprehensive data warehouse of regional data; provide targeted support to foundations’ neighborhood-level change initiatives; and create convenient, user-friendly access to data and information for community stakeholders.