D3 Maps its way around the world

Data and Mapping page on our website continues to drive the most traffic. In fact, our maps have been used everywhere from Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s community meetings on reinventing the city, to community meetings in Inkster about the location of social services.

Soon, Israeli high-schoolers will be studying D3's maps.

It’s always the goal of Data Driven Detroit to make data useful and accessible to everyone. Over the past two years, we have found that one of the most effective tools for explaining data is with our mapping technology. A picture not only paints a thousand words, it can also effectively explain a trend or illustrate a statistic.

It comes as no surprise that the “

But I don’t think we had any idea about the broad demand for our mapping services until we received an email from The Center for Educational Technology (CET). CET is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the advancement of education in Israel.  CET explained that it was working with the Israeli Ministry of Education to write a high school Geography textbook about “People and their Social and Cultural Environment.” The book will be published in Hebrew and in Arabic.

CET asked for permission to publish one of our maps in both the published and online versions of the book. The map shows the 2008 per capita income of Detroiters by census block group.

“The goal of showing this map,” wrote the Center for Educational Technology, “is to teach about the socio economic differences in urban regions. We are looking at the factors and reasons for those differences along with the problems difference creates and ways of coping.”

In 2010, we received several international requests for information, and even hosted urban planning students from as far away as Dresden and Toronto. In 2011, we hope to continue to serve the data and mapping needs of Detroit  and even the world, as it comes to our doorstep.