The Results Are In – Michigan Is Down One Again

The Census Bureau released the first results from the 2010 Census – Total population counts for the Nation and each of the States.  This release enables us to know what the distribution of Congressional representation will be for the 2012 election.  All predictions had Michigan losing one seat in Congress, and that was how it played out.  While Michigan was not the only State to lose representation (in fact, both Ohio and New York lost 2 seats each), we were the only state to lose population over the decade.  After population gains in the first half of the decade that drove us up to 10,090,000, the bottom fell out in the second half.  Michigan has been the only state to register population losses 5 years in a row.  During this period we have seen an exodus of over 400,000 people.

Michigan will enter the 2012 election cycle with their lowest representation – 14 seats – since 1920 when they had 13.  No doubt the lost seat will come from Southeast Michigan where the population loss has been greatest and Democrats have their greatest power base.

We now await 2011 when the Census Bureau begins to tell us who we are in terms of gender, age and race/ethnicity and how we distribute by community and neighborhood.  Congressional reapportionment is just the beginning.  We will also be looking to redistrict the State House and Senate, reconfigure county commissioner districts, and develop council districts in Detroit.  Couple this with the transformation of Detroit, and 2011 looks like a Great Year for Data.  We at Data Driven Detroit will be developing and delivering the numbers you need in 2011.  Please join us in the journey.