A Governor Who Loves Data, and I Couldn’t Be Happier!

Governor Snyder delivered his first State of the State speech last night.  While I appreciated the upbeat tone and a number of his “initiatives” – securing funding for Pure Michigan, support for the DRIC project, and a new emphasis on reaching out to immigrants – it was the discussion around metrics and a DASHBOARD that really got my juices flowing.

“Let me start with a new concept. We are creating a means by which to actually measure Michigan’s progress. I find it curious that we’ve had State of the State addresses for decades. Yet I don’t know of one where we actually had a report card to gauge our success.”

Data Driven Detroit worked with the Center for Michigan to create a Scorecard for Michigan and will soon be releasing a Scorecard for the Detroit region.

We applaud the Governor’s recognition of metrics and the importance of measuring outcomes.  We hope to have the opportunity to share our work with him in the months to come.