Great Exposure for Detroit!

I boarded a Delta flight in Fort Lauderdale on Monday, January 31 on my way back from a great 6-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. [By the way, my tan looks really good when contrasted with the snow.]

It was not until I looked in the seat pocket in front of me that I remembered my data gathering foray late last year for a freelancer working on an article for Delta’s Sky magazine.  I perused the January issue and, while there were many interesting articles, found nothing on Detroit.  I thought to myself that perhaps I was one-day early and that maybe the February issue would be the one.

While  a flight back the next day could have answered my question, my finances just weren’t ready to take another hit.  Thank goodness Marge Sorge at the Detroit News HUB was on the case.  Early on February 1 I received an email with this link

Delta has indeed profiled Detroit – city and region – and the result is TERRIFIC!  I have never seen such an extensive and inclusive profile that covered the arts, business – both old and new, the music, the architecture, the tremendous range of assets that contribute to the wonderful quality of life this area provides.  While I may long for the sunshine and 80 degree temperatures, I will never trade my life in Detroit for anywhere else (unless someone wants to offer a cranky old demographer vast riches – any takers?)

I encourage you to drop everything and read this article.  If you want a Pdf of the article just contact me through the “ask Kurt” button at Data Driven Detroit’s website