Data Driven Detroit Contributes to the Creative Technology Core of Detroit

Data Driven Detroit (D3) opened shop in the Barden Building on Madison in Detroit in 2009 with philanthropic funding supporting a plan that identified 5 staff positions.  The summer of 2011 finds us in same location, but with expanded office space and a current staff that numbers 28!  We are comprised of full-timers, part-timers, AmeriCorps students from UM, interns from California and Montreal, work-study students and a repetitive of the Detroit Summer Youth Employment program, and our national exposure brings us daily employment requests from young people graduating from local universities, as well as ex-pats and others who want to come back.  We represent a variety of generations – from teens to seniors – and backgrounds.  We have degrees in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, urban planning, public policy, graphic arts, and more.  What unites us is our LOVE FOR DETROIT and our belief that better information can truly help drive the city’s “rebirth.”   Technology and creativity are the drivers behind D3’s work.  The work we do to utilize visualization techniques for transmitting information readily qualifies us for membership in the “creative community.” The statistical and mapping software we utilize to do our work, and the hardware that is needed to run them, makes our case to be included as part of Dan Gilbert’s “Webward,” even though we are situated a block to the east.

We know that the data business is creative and cutting edge and that the staff of Data Driven Detroit reflects the most current and innovative thinking across a variety of domains.  We have a great story to tell and we invite you to come and listen.

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