Michigan Will Never Prosper When Politics Drives Every Decision!

You would think that gerrymandering the 14 remaining U.S. Congressional Districts and diluting Latino representation in both the Michigan House and Senate districts in Detroit (maps are available through Data Driven Detroit by emailing Askkurt@datadrivendetroit.org) would be enough damage to dole out for one election cycle. But NO! Now, because they lost the majority of votes on the 5-member Oakland County Apportionment Commission, the Republicans in the legislature are changing the rules that govern the redistricting process for county commissioners across the state – but really only for Oakland County!  How dare they! They have legislated a reduction in the number of seats for counties over 50,000 population to 21. Then they have taken the responsibility for the redistricting process, in counties of 1 million+ population, from the Apportionment Commission and given it to the legislature. [Wayne County is not affected because of its charter status.] This is the most incredibly shameful display of political chicanery that I have witnessed in a long while – and that is saying a lot.  They want us to believe that the focus of this is a cost saving move and has no tie to politics.  And, surprise, surprise, L. Brooks Patterson parrots the thoughtful cost-saving approach in his declaration of full support. Both the Republican-run House and Senate have approved the legislation.

I started writing this as this bill was heading toward the Governor’s desk.  I was waiting to see if Rick Snyder is truly about moving Michigan forward or just another politically driven “leader.”  Well…he has now signed the bill and shown his true colors.  I am amazed how quickly non-politicians such as Snyder and Bing are so quickly lured to the “dark side.”  Stop trying to convince us otherwise – you are politicians pure and simple and your decisions come down to your party and not the people.