Support for D3’s “Option 5” Voiced by Residents at City Council’s Public Meetings

Last Friday, Data Driven Detroit added its voice to the City Council districting process by releasing an alternative to the four official district map options.  Since then, there have been three public meetings for Detroiters to voice their opinion on the map options and on the process.

As it turns out, it’s not just D3 who thinks that Detroit needs an alternative to the Planning Commission four map options. A number of Detroit residents have voiced their preference at the public meetings as well.

The Detroit Free Press reported on the feedback that Council received in Friday’s meeting: “The city has four maps that council members are considering. But some residents said that a fifth map drawn by Data Driven Detroit was a better option.”

The Detroit News reported on the same meeting:

Officials came up with four maps with the aid of the nonprofit statistics organization Data Driven Detroit. The group on Friday provided what it is calling a fifth option, which centered on keeping neighborhoods together. Several residents told city officials they preferred the Data Driven Detroit map. “People really have a sense of identity with their community,” said Cherie Bandrowski, who lives in the northwestern side of the city.

FOX 2 News picked up on the popular support at this Tuesday’s meeting for D3’s “Option 5” City Council district map:

Detroiters weighed in Tuesday on carving the city into seven voting district that will elect the next city council. There are four maps to choose from, but a lot of Detroiters have said they are favoring a “fifth option”…

“Just the fact that people are bringing this to the community meeting and saying this is what they want to do is really telling,” said Vince Keenan with Publius.

Especially since option five isn’t even part of the city’s presentation. Detroit think tank Data Driven Detroit created the map, and Corktown resident Keenan knows why it’s so popular.

“It was drawn around neighborhoods that are already working together, and it takes into account the way the city already functions and the work that people are doing in neighborhoods,” he explained.

For more information about the process behind the creation of both the four official map Options and D3’s Option 5, check out our explanation, as well as our resource page.