More Press for D3’s “Option 5” District Map

Detroit 2020 covers the support in Southwest Detroit for D3’s Option 5, and interviews D3 Director Kurt Metzger:

What motivated D3 to make its own ‘Option 5’ City Council district map?

Really our critique was that two of the [City Planning Department] maps split downtown, and we felt that wasn’t really the way we wanted to go. We wanted to hold downtown whole and we didn’t want downtown to compete against neighborhoods.

We feel very strongly Detroit is a city of neighborhoods. So a number of us sat around and decided that there is a better option. We started thinking about how we could draw districts that honored neighborhood boundaries. We pulled all our layers on neighborhoods and other things and began to draw. What we wanted to do was come up with a version that honors neighborhood boundaries and kind of put it out there.

Finally, be sure to check out Jack Lessenberry’s editorial in this week’s Metro Times, where he discusses Option 5:

Currently, there are four options on the table. None of them, however, is totally satisfactory. Two split the downtown, which makes no sense. Two others keep downtown more or less together, but divide the rest of the city up into odd vertical or horizontal chunks that don’t follow traditional neighborhoods.
Data Driven Detroit, the area’s best demographics analysis firm, has come up with a fifth option that is far superior to the others. It keeps most neighborhoods together, as well as the downtown.
Voters ought to urge council to consult with DDD’s Kurt Metzger, known locally as the Great Demographer, and consider this option.