Kurt in Bridge Magazine on Wayne State Graduation Rates

Bridge Magazine has just published an article on the graduation rates for Wayne State University, which are particularly low for students of color. D3’s own Kurt Metzger, a contributor to Bridge Magazine, is quoted in the article:

“Detroit can’t grow by importing a bunch of college grads and saying we don’t give a damn about what happens to city residents,” said Kurt Metzger, director of Data Driven Detroit. “You have to be able to (get degrees into the hands) of the minority population of Detroit.” … Wayne State was giving kids a chance to go to college, but not offering the kind of support needed to get them a degree, said Metzger, who worked at Wayne State until 2005. “Those who didn’t get beat down enough in high school, got beaten down in college,” Metzger said. “You can’t throw open the doors and let everyone in without providing the resources to make students successful.”

Florida State also has a program that begins working with local minority students as early as sixth grade, offering after-school and summer programs geared toward preparing kids for college. That’s an idea that appeals to Metzger, who believes some of the blame for Wayne State’s low black graduation rate must be given to Detroit Public Schools. “Wayne State needs to get connected much earlier,” Metzger said. “It needs to be working with DPS in an all-encompassing effort, a cradle-to-career effort.”