D3’s Kurt Metzger at Warren/Conner’s Town Hall

On April 26, the Warren/Conner Development Coalition hosted a town hall meeting on City Council districts (“How Can the Council District System Facilitate the Change We Need in Our Neighborhoods?”). The town hall meeting’s goals were to educate local residents and stakeholders on the new City Council district system; to discuss and debate how the new district system will facilitate neighborhood revitalization; and to discuss and strategize on how residents can and should be involved in assuring that the new district system is effective for Detroit’s future.

Among the featured panelists was Data Driven Detroit’s Kurt Metzger. As part of D3’s commitment to supporting community development and dialogue about the new City Council districts, D3 produced a demographic profile of the districts and a map showing how the district boundaries interact with neighborhood boundaries. The documents were distributed at the meeting and are now available for download.

D3 previously supported the public dialogue concerning the City Council districts by analyzing proposed district boundaries and suggesting neighborhood-centric alternatives.  For more information, visit our City Council District resource page.