The “Environmental & Sustainability Data Workshop” Summer 2013 Series

Staring at spreadsheets… what does it all mean? How do I actually use all these numbers and maps to make a difference in my community? Data Driven Detroit is here to help. With support from the Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute and the Center for Advancing Research and Solutions for Society, D3 conducted a series of three data workshops this summer centered on the practical application of environmental and sustainability data to community work in Detroit.

In all, representatives from 44 community and environmental advocacy organizations attended the workshops. Participants learned about sustainability research from University of Michigan professors and data tools from D3 staff members.


A crucial goal for the 2013 workshops was for D3 to learn how their community partners use data every day. Through surveys and exercises, the community provided an extraordinary amount of feedback (yes, D3 was collecting data about data) through small group conversations and post workshop surveys. This feedback is shaping D3’s future environmental and sustainability research. Above all, community feedback is helping D3 design tools that will make environmental and sustainability data accessible and will drive informed decision making.

What’s next?

D3 will be working tirelessly over the winter to create tools and visualizations that will bring new environmental and sustainability data to the community. We will combine two years of work conducted by six teams of U of M researchers with D3’s current inventory of environmental, demographic and socioeconomic data to create exciting new ways in which people access environmental data in Detroit.


Did you miss this year’s workshops? Don’t worry, D3 will be hosting additional workshops next summer and throughout the summer of 2015. During the next series of workshops, participants will get their first look at the tools created over the winter. These workshop participants will test D3’s tools and offer additional feedback.

Does your organization want to learn more about Data Driven Detrot’s interactive tools? D3 can conduct similar workshops for your staff members, volunteers and constituents. We can tailor the subject matter to your area of interest to create a fun and interactive workshop that will empower your team to make data driven decisions. Email us at for more information.

Stay tuned to for more exciting news on the “Environmental & Sustainability Workshop Series” and fascinating new data.