CUTGroup Recruitment Week 3: Downtown Detroit (Part 1)

Guess who’s back again for the third week in a row!!?? It’s the CUTGroup Detroit with an update on how outreach went this past Friday. Downtown Detroit was awesome! However, it rained and peoples’ hair and weaves may have sustained damage from it (we need to check with the street team to find out if their hair is okay). The sights and sounds we encountered were a breath of fresh air from the monotony of buildings in Midtown. Don’t worry Midtown, we still love you! Since Downtown Detroit houses a lot of our partners, we only covered the area north of Michigan Avenue. Join us as we chronicle the events that unfolded.


The day started off a bit bumpy as the majority of the street team could not make it for the recruiting event which we only found out right around the time they were scheduled to be picked up for the event. As a result, we were an hour behind schedule. This was bad, considering that it is a Friday and most people want to leave work early. Besides, we usually want to wrap up our recruiting events early so the team has time to hang out and do other things with their time. Unfortunately, our storyteller (photographer – Christon) was also running behind time. That left me and Ivoire as the active recruiters for the day as seen in the photos. So for those who thought we were hogging the camera-time, now you know what was up… besides, we let the landscape have its fair share! Christon managed to join us downtown, and while we waited for her we treated ourselves to some jazz music at the Campus Martius Park after a making a brief stop at Quicken Loans to drop off some fliers. There was even enough time to kick a little freestyle and believe me when I tell you your boy has bars – but I’m not a rapper. If you need bars call 1-800- HOT-BARS.


Christon finally met up with us and recruiting was back in full-effect… not before Ivoire decided he wanted to relive his high school glory days playing basketball. LTU, please give this man a try-out chance for the team. A few shots later (2 shots to be exact), Ivoire decided that he was ready to put his past life behind him and become a programmer again. Our first stop was the Detroit Experience Factory where we got to share our initiative with some of the staff who wanted to take fliers and put them up. They even had a map where visitors and Detroiters from other countries got to place a pin, so you know I had to represent Botswana. For those who are curious about this unknown country, Google is your friend. And now that’s when it began to rain. Christon had been talking about how she has been craving Buffalo Wild Wings, and so took the rainy moment to make it happen.


Lunch was awesome! Great conversations and a lot of selfies and snaps were taken. After everyone was done eating we moved to our next location which was Bamboo Detroit. For those who don’t know, Bamboo Detroit is a shared office space enterprise that offers highly affordable rental space for businesses of all sizes to suit their needs. Totally check it out! It proved to be a great place to network not only for our street team but also for the CUTGroup Detroit initiative. There were small businesses, app developers, and potential app testers within that space. It was thoroughly productive, and Christon got a job from one of the businesses at Bamboo while we were there. Isn’t it great to be a CUTGroup volunteer? We wrapped up our recruiting efforts at Grand Circus Detroit.


What did we learn from last weeks’ experiences? A lot of people downtown are not trying to talk to anyone. Maybe it’s because they are busy and on move, or they just want to partake in all the treasures of Downtown without as little human interaction with Detroiters because of our infamous “reputation”. You guys can help me figure that one out. Next time we will entice them with food to get them to check out our fliers. One of the things that was reaffirmed for us is the under-the-radar nature of the big things happening in Detroit. Seeing places like Bamboo, InTheBlackSuites, and Grand Circus house numerous creatives is a great indicator of the good things happening and those about to happen in the city. The slumbering giant known as Detroit is about to wake up, and woe to anyone trying to hold it down! You have been great to us thus far Detroit, and we look forward to seeing more of you this coming Friday.


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