CUTGroup Week 4


APRIL, 2016

Hello Detroiters, and a big how-are-you to our CUTGroup family. Unfortunately this is our last story in our recruitment journey this summer. So walk with us on this final trip as we ventured into the second half of Downtown Detroit to recruit for CUTGroup. For the second time, it was myself, Ivoire, and Christon. On this particular day, it seems the very cosmos did not want us to finish strong. In fact, my baby toe was tingly in the morning as I got ready to go to work and this let me know I had to prepare for a dramatic day at work.

Just the day before, Ivoire had informed me that the other street team members could not make it. As I got to work on Friday morning, I received a text from him saying that the printers at Microsoft were malfunctioning, and so he had to print 40 flyers at a time or else the printer would jam. Secondly, it was hot outside. I had just done my hair that morning and nothing in the world was about to ruin the luxuriousness that was my hair that day whether rain or sweat… but I forgot to take an umbrella with me, a very fatal mistake.

Another incident was that we got lost going to the location where we were supposed to rendezvous with Christon. We made a turn by this southern food restaurant and it smelt so good my stomach decided it didn’t want to do recruiting anymore; my mind was telling me it was lunch time even though it was 10:30am. Finally, after roaming the city for ten more minutes we finally arrived at the roof parking lot at the COBO center which was so hot my edges gave up too. Christon had been waiting for us so long that she was a quarter of a century old when we arrived. As we moved through the COBO center, we almost got security called on us for “soliciting” permission from the head of marketing to advertise CUTGroup. Someone clearly has a grudge with technology. Someone get them some milk and an iPhone.

“It was great to see one of our major partners and even have them share their goals for CUTGroup and what their vision is for the greater Detroit region.”

Within moments of us leaving the COBO center, my hair started taking the “L” as the rain started drizzling. This prompted us to rush into one of the buildings where we met with a representative of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan who gladly accepted our fliers and the role of promoting CUTGroup. Things were starting to look up for us now. Next was Inforum Engage whom were also eager to support the initiative. But for the most part, these were the two partners that we had access to in this area of Downtown Detroit. With the threat of rain looming we quickly headed over to the Coleman Young Municipal Center to meet up with Garlin Gilchrist, the City of Detroit coordinator for the CUTGroup initiative. It was great to see one of our major partners and even have them share their goals for CUTGroup and what their vision is for the greater Detroit region.

From meeting Garlin, we decided to acquaint ourselves with the Joe Louis fist statue and get cover pictures for my mixtape dropping in 2020 as I stand alongside Kanye West’s presidential campaign. Check out my discography at Be sure to turn on the A/C or put your phone and speaker into the freezer so you don’t burn anything including yourself when you play anything on there. Simply put, if they had played my music on the titanic the iceberg would have melted leaving Jack and Rose to live happily ever after. All this activity culminated to us having lunch at “The Drive” the only Ping-Pong and dine place in Detroit. Ivoire and Christon got that work, and I emerged as the undisputed CUTGroup Ping Pong champion. Challengers are welcome, everyone can get this work… and overtime too. After a filling lunch, we headed back to our vehicles to bring the last day of recruiting to an end.

What did we learn? Over the past 4 weeks, we had the privilege of going to different places in the city, meet many faces, and got to tag the CUTGroup brand in a number of spaces. Each of us made lifetime connections not only with people in the street team, but with people in the various communities that we interacted with. Detroit has changed each one of us in many ways and we will continue to strive towards making the city better. Team work makes the dream work. All our partners in the city were pivotal in ensuring that the initiative went as well as it did. Persistence is key to making any change in society, and in the midst of adversity we kept pushing through. All-in-all outreach was a great experience that we wouldn’t mind doing over again. And the most important lesson, umbrellas are essential in Detroit if you truly value your hair.

We would like to take this time to thank all the people who have signed up to be testers. CUTGroup Detroit is nothing without each and every one of you. We hope that you recruit your friends, family, co-workers, and anybody you see out in these streets… let them get this work too. Secondly, we would like to thank our blog readers and sharers for sticking with us for the past weeks and keep posted for more from the CUTGroup team. Thirdly, thank you to all the social media followers, retweeters, likers, and reposters. We keep reaching more people through your efforts. To our sponsors and partners; Microsoft, SmartChicago, City of Detroit, and Data Driven Detroit – thank you for putting this initiative together. The fabulous street team gets the biggest shout-out for being there day one, and a super special shout-out to Christon Marie for sticking through with it until the last day. Your photography skills were nothing less than superb.