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“City of Detroit Building Demolitions” Interactive Map Presented by The City of Detroit and Data Driven Detroit

Interactive demolition map

Interactive demolition map

UPDATE, APRIL 2015: The demolition data driving the demolition map referenced in this blog are now out of date. In addition, the City of Detroit is no longer hosting the map on its website. As an alternative, visit the D3 Open Data Portal to download more recent demolition data from the city or visit the city’s own data portal for demolition permits.

It is well known that vacant and abandoned homes have become a public safety threat and an overall  burden on the recovery of neighborhoods in the City of Detroit. The scale of abandonment and blight in Detroit has become a national headline (“Detroit to Shrink Itself, Historic Homes and All”, “Among the Ghosts of Detroit”), as well as the focus of a new genre of photography and documentary (“At National Building Museum, a lens on the disintegration of Detroit”). Recognizing the problem, Mayor Bing has put a high priority on clearing the dangerous structures, and set an ambitious goal of demolishing 10,000 structures during his term in office.  The City of Detroit is hoping to be more transparent in its effort to erase these public nuisances, by identifying vacant and dangerous buildings that have been demolished, and indicate where future demolitions are planned.

Data Driven Detroit wishes to recognize and thank the Woodward Corridor Initiative for generously providing funding for the development of this data and tool. It also wishes to thank the City of Detroit for allowing it the opportunity to collaborate in this effort.

 For more on the Process of Demolishing Buildings, click here for Detroit 2020’s coverage. 

8 responses to ““City of Detroit Building Demolitions” Interactive Map Presented by The City of Detroit and Data Driven Detroit”

  1. We jus surved our area. D3 shoud have our results ready.
    Wooward to Kelly Rd. -Eoght mile to I-94.
    Karen Washington

  2. al green says:

    karen i was trying to use the site but it never would let me see the anything.I would click on a green dot and nothing would every happen

  3. phil aho says:

    I’m also having trouble accessing the map.

  4. Carmel says:

    I am having trouble accessing the map. Please advise. I have been trying for weeks to find out if an abandoned property on my street will be demolished. Thank you for your help.

  5. Cassandra Davis says:

    I am looking for information to have homes places on the demo list. I am a member of a small family oriented church which resides in a block of more than 5 abandoned and burned out homes that cause safety concern. Please assist.

    • Hello, Cassandra,
      I apologize for the delayed response. The Improve Detroit app is a great way to connect directly with the relevant city departments who deal with service issues in the city ( If folks do not have internet access, that’s okay too, they can call the Mayor’s office and a staff person will enter the report into Improve Detroit for them. The phone number to call is (313) 224-6000.

  6. Christina Brady says:

    Hello I just bought a house on Allendale street in Detroit Mi . There are at least 5 homes that have been vandalyzed and have been previously victoms of arson. With trying to provide a safe place for my kids, how can I add Allendale street to the list of demolotion. It creates a very ubsafe enviorment, and the house next to me has been boarded 3 times, and people still loot there. I am afraid if someone catches it on fire, my house will go up in flames too.