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What kind of interactive data tools does D3 provide?

What kind of interactive data tools does D3 provide?

One D scorecard

Compare the status of our region to 50 other areas across the country using key data indicators. Explore Southeast Michigan through the Regional Opportunity Index mapping initiative from the Kirwan Institute.

Community Data

Explore the following interactive tools combining demographic, socioeconomic, housing, workforce, and other date in Michigan. Geographies include counties, cities and townships, census tracts, and more.

MAPAS – Create a map and customize it with data. Save it for later, and print/export maps. Created by our partner organization, the Community Research Institute in Grand Rapids, MAPAS is an interactive statewide map of neighborhood indicators.

Community Profiles – Select your community of interest to begin. Choose from different data categories and build custom reports with D3 data.

Census Comparison – Retrieve pre-packaged geographic reports comparing comprehensive 2000 and 2010 Census data.

Detroit Parcel Resources

D3 created the following interactive maps to combine multiple public data sources and primary data collected in the field, greatly reducing the time needed to research parcel-level information.

Motor City Mapping – Interact with the latest parcel data for Detroit

Education Resources

Find out how far Detroit students are traveling for school in 2013-14 school year with the Student Dispersion Tool 2013-14.

Election Resources

Data Driven Detroit’s work has included analyses of apportionment, redistricting, voter engagement, and more.  View Detroit Council Districts, demographic analyses, and more.

Residential Typology Analysis

Explore our analysis of block-level conditions comprised of housing and population indicators as they relate to CDAD’s residential typologies.

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