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However You Feel About Brussel Sprouts, Make Sure You Hype Them for Your Kids!

g_ask_kurt_bustWhile this may not be your typical data column, it does feature a Top 10 list and it is certainly related to the declining health status and increasing obesity of our children.

Men’s Fitness Magazine released a new report this week which ranks the foods adults hate the most, stating that  “most people develop their food phobias during childhood but can provide essential nutrients for adult bodies.”  (the sentence reads a little choppy but it is a direct quote)

Recent articles about food desserts, Whole Foods coming to Midtown, and findings that access to fresh fruit and vegetables does not necessarily translate into good health (a topic for a future blog), all led me to think this list deserved a blog.  I have seen these phobias in myself and in my children, thus driving home the importance of parents introducing their children to a wide variety of healthy eating alternatives.  While President Reagan called ketchup a vegetable,  we need to teach children that their bodies require more than french fries with lots of ketchup to be healthy.

Here are the 10 foods adults hate most.

1. Brussel Sprouts

2. Broccoli

3. Fish

4. Turnips

5. Beets

6. Liver

7. Spinach

8. Avocado

9. Cottage Cheese

10. Eggplant

I must say that I totally understand where this list is coming from and, with the exception of fish, spent my childhood trying to avoid each and every one.  I have worked hard in my adult life to try to “get to know” each but have decided a couple (I have made great strides) will just have to reside on plates other than my own.

One response to “However You Feel About Brussel Sprouts, Make Sure You Hype Them for Your Kids!”

  1. downwinders says:

    How very sad that so many people are missing out on delicious food. The brassicas (broccoli, brussels sprouts) are often cooked all wrong, leaching out their sweet taste and leaving bitter. These foods are absolutely the best anti-oxidants to fight cancer. They should be cut into flowerlets or half-sprouts, coated with a little oil and just a little water, cooked in a tightly closed pot, at a med-low temperature just until they turn bright green. Then take off the burner, test and serve when tender (allow to soften off the burner if need be). Eggplant should be flame-roasted to bring out its flavor; spinach is best uncooked or barely cooked just enough to soften. Turnips and beets can be oiled and roasted, until fork tender, or cut up in thin slices to stir fry. Never boil these in water or you will ruin them. And avocado–loaded with B vitamins and flavor– just spoon it right out of the husk for a dessert treat with your favorite cheese and wine.
    Fish and liver are also ruined by cooking at too high temps or for too long. The protein becomes tough and tasteless.