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Maps & Infographics

2012 Data Profile, Springwells Village, Detroit, Michigan2012
Total Households, 2010 (UNI)2012
% Change in Households, 2000-2010 (UNI)2012
% Population with a High School Diploma, 2006-2010 Average (UNI)2012
Adult Population, 2010 (UNI)2012
Annual Revenue, 2009 (UNI)2012
Average Housing Condition, 2011 (UNI)2012
Business Vacancy Rates, Quarter 3, 2010 (UNI)2012
Children in Households at or Below 200% of Poverty, 2006-2010 Average (UNI)2012
Drug Offense Rate, 2010 (UNI)2012
Generalized Land Uses, 2008 (UNI)2012
Households with Children, 2006-2010 Average (UNI)2012
Housing Occupancy Rate, 2010 (UNI)2012
Housing Ownership Type, 2011 (UNI)2012
Housing Structure Density, 2011 (UNI)2012
Housing with a Mortgage or Loan, 2010 (UNI)2012
LISC Building Sustainable Communities Springwells Village Neighborhood and Sub-Areas (UNI)2012
Local Employment, 2009 (UNI)2012
Major Amenities, 2012 (UNI)2012
Median Household Income, 2006-2010 Average (UNI)2012
Median Population Age, 2010 (UNI)2012
Owner Occupancy Rate, 2010 (UNI)2012
Percent Change in Population, 2000-2010 (UNI)2012
Population Density, 2010 (UNI)2012
Property Crime Rate, 2010 (UNI)2012
Resident Income Per Capita, 2006-2010 Average (UNI)2012
Senior Population, 55 and Older, 2010 (UNI)2012
Springwells Village Study Area Roads (UNI)2012
Springwells Village Study Area with Census Geographies (UNI)2012
Total Family Households, 2010 (UNI)2012
Total Population, 2010 (UNI)2012
Vacant Housing Units, 2010 (UNI)2012
Vacant Lots, 2011 (UNI)2012
Vandalism Rate, 2010 (UNI)2012
Violent Crime Rate, 2010 (UNI)2012
Young Adult Population, 2010 (UNI)2012
Youth of Color, 2006-2010 Average (UNI)2012
Youth Population, 2010 (UNI)2012
Zoning Classifications, 2010 (UNI)2012
No. Residents who Attend Springwells Village Study Area Schools2012
Student Dispersion from Springwells Village Study Area2012

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