Creative State Michigan

ArtServe Creative State Michigan report, developed in collaboration with Data Driven Detroit, reveals the importance of the creative sector in Michigan’s economy.

From the ArtServe press release:

One year following the launch of its nationally recognized report in 2012, ArtServe Michigan – the state’s leading statewide arts and cultural advocacy organization – today released its Creative State Michigan report focused on Fiscal Year 2010. The report details economic and social data from 346 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, representing an estimated 17 percent of the more than 2,000 cultural groups operating statewide. The data reveals that these organizations contributed more than one-half billion dollars in expenditures alone to the Michigan economy in 2010. Learn more at

Among its most compelling data, the report affirms the creative economy as a significant growth sector and strategic opportunity for Michigan’s economy. From 2006 to 2011, the number of arts-related jobs increased by 15 percent to 85,656 jobs in Michigan, while arts-related businesses increased by 65 percent to 28,072. From 2010-2011 alone, jobs increased by 11 percent, while businesses increased by 16 percent. Moreover, of the $553.4 million in annual expenditures by the nonprofit creative community in 2010, nearly $194 million supported salaries for 22,335 jobs. 

The Creative State Michigan report was originally published in 2012 using data from FY2009; the report was updated in 2013 with data from FY2010.

To inform ArtServe’s public policy campaign for the arts, Data Driven Detroit created maps of the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs‘ 2011 grantees. D3 also used data from the Michigan Cultural Data Project (CDP) to help ArtServe convey the economic impact of the cultural community within Michigan. D3 continues to analyze CDP data.

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