NeighborWorks Ford Evaluation

November 2012 Detroit Metro Profile

The Metropolitan Opportunity Unit (MOU) at the Ford Foundation is funding a metropolitan equity strategy in nine regions across the country, supplemented by a national strategy intended to facilitate projects, research, and scaling of models for affordable housing, transportation, and land use. The Ford Foundation’s MOU grantees in the Detroit region include the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan; the Detroit Collaborative Design Center; Detroit Development Fund; the Detroit Land Bank Authority; the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation; Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES); Michigan Community Resources, and Midtown Detroit, Inc.

The Ford Foundation is collaborating with Success Measures, a program at NeighborWorks America, on the MOU Evaluation Learning Initiative (ELI), a multi-year, participatory process that is engaging grantees and partners in five metropolitan areas in the creation of useful information that can be used to enhance understanding of the impact of the Foundation’s investment at the local and national levels.

Data Driven Detroit (D3) is a data partner to Success Measures during the ELI. D3 worked with Success Measures and the Institute on Race and Poverty to collect a set of secondary data for the Detroit metro region. This secondary data informs discussions about the contextual environment in which grantees are working; it serves as a means to describe the demographic and economic trends observed in the metro region.

The November 2012 Detroit Metro Profile is available here.


Household Change by Municipality

Households with No Vehicle Available

Population Change by Municipality

Distribution of Race (Black)

Distribution of Race (Asian)

Distribution of Race (Hispanic)

Distribution of Race (White)