The Road to RecoveryPark

RecoveryPark is a projected 10-year, multi-million dollar planned community redevelopment project on the east side of Detroit.  The use of the term “recovery” in the name is intentional, as the focus of RecoveryPark is to re-envision the city along multiple components – education, agriculture/urban farming, community development, food production, commercial and housing development, to name a few – in order to help residents who are recovering from addiction, those returning to the community from prison, and others through personal and economic empowerment.  A Leadership Task Force of over 50 collaborative partners, both non-profit and for-profit as well as government entities, has been formed and is committed to making this project a success.

Data Driven Detroit has supported the RecoveryPark project with detailed data and analysis, and D3 staff participate regularly in the RecoveryPark Leadership Task Force meetings.  The partnership between RecoveryPark and D3 is a tangible example of the practical application of data, and an inspiring demonstration of the power of collaboration.

Wayne State University’s Master of Urban Planning 2010 Capstone Team recently created “The Road to RecoveryPark“.  The project is an outstanding example of the practical use of data from the Detroit Residential Parcel Survey, conducted in 2009.

The Capstone Team discovered that the neighborhood contained a large number of parcels without structures.  Of 6,541 parcels, 4,359 were vacant.  Some might see the vast amount of open space as a hurdle, but for the RecoveryPark project, it is an opportunity.

The Capstone Team also identified an area of contiguous, relatively dense, good and fair condition housing in the RecoveryPark footprint, shown here as the “Residential Amoeba”.

Please download the report for more details.

RecoveryPark is "a planned community redevelopment project for the city of Detroit that will include urban farming, education, commercial and housing development, along with other projects.  It visions the rebuilding of a partner community with an eye toward financial and environmental self-sustainability."

Data Driven Detroit is proud to support the RecoveryPark project with data and analysis.  For more information on the RecoveryPark project, please visit

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