Student Dispersion 2010-2011

With numerous yearly school closings, widespread household financial difficulties and inconsistent transportation options, students in Detroit Public Schools can often find themselves attending schools that are far from where they live.  This hardship has been cited as a major problem for students in the DPS system. Data Driven Detroit obtained student location information from the Detroit Public School System through the Black Family Foundation and the Skillman Foundation with an aim of looking at the extent of the problem. The following are two series of maps of similar themes showing the data from two different perspectives. The first series shows where students who live in certain neighborhoods go to school. The second series shows where students who attend certain schools live.

Data Driven Detroit - 2010-2011 Student Dispersion

Data Driven Detroit – 2010-2011 Student Dispersion

Where Youth Go To School (Neighborhood Based):

Skillman Good Neighborhoods

Northend  .pdf
Osborn  .pdf
Chadsey/Condon  .pdf
Southwest  .pdf
Brightmoor  .pdf
Cody Rouge .pdf

Where Students Live (School Based):

Cody Academy of Critical Thinkers  .pdf
Cody Academy of Public Leadership  .pdf
Cody Institute of Technology  .pdf
Cody Medical and Community Health Academy  .pdf
Cody School of Teaching and Learning  .pdf
Samuel Gompers Elementary  .pdf
Logan Elementary  .pdf
Loving Elementary  .pdf
Maybury Elementary  .pdf
Osborn Academy of Mathematics  .pdf
Osborn College Preparatory Academy  .pdf
Osborn Evergreen Academy  .pdf
Osborn Upper School for Global Communications and Culture  .pdf
O.W. Holmes Elementary and Middle School  .pdf
Brenda Scott Academy for Theater Arts  .pdf
Southwestern High School  .pdf
Western International High School  .pdf

Woodward Corridor Initiative Area

Cass Technical High School  .pdf
Detroit School for the Arts    .pdf
Detroit Academy for Young Women  .pdf
Edmonson Elementary  .pdf
Golightly Elementary and Middle School  .pdf
Loving, Jr. Elementary  .pdf
Spain Elementary and Middle School  .pdf
Thirkell Elementary  .pdf
All WCI Area High Schools  .pdf
All WCI Area Primary Schools  .pdf