Who We Are
We collect, analyze, interpret, and share high-quality data to drive informed decision-making and increase data-driven outcomes.

What We Do

Outreach & Education

We conduct workshops, trainings, and presentations across metro Detroit to increase data literacy, empowering communities to understand the impact of using data.

We steward the Detroit Civic User Testing Group, a network of residents who get paid to evaluate civic websites and apps.

Customized Services

We partner with nonprofits, foundations, universities, government agencies, community groups, businesses and individuals to create and execute projects tailored to support their work.

Projects may be short-term (collection and analysis of specific data) or ongoing (building, populating and maintaining databases).

Open Data

We provide free public access to a variety of processed datasets, maps, visualizations and other tools. These data are available in several formats and accessible to users of various skill levels.

We ensure the data and information are publicly available in non-digital formats, ensuring the tools can be used by those without high-speed connectivity.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive informed decision-making.

Data enables us to more objectively understand our community. Using data, we can have informed conversations about the current state of our community, how to best deliver resources, and create the deepest impact.

Read more about why data matters.

Learn more about the history of D3.

We Value

Unbiased access to unbiased data.

We Exist

To provide equitable access to information and help our community make better decisions.

We Serve

Anyone seeking information to make more-informed decisions, including nonprofit organizations, foundations, universities, governments, businesses, and individuals.

We Believe

That behind every data point is a living, breathing person.

Our Team

Amanda is a classically trained vocalist, and has performed on multiple occasions with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Amanda Branch

IT Director


Jeff has adopted several retired racing Grey Hounds.

Jeff Bross

Director of Operations


Jacob likes photography, the outdoors, and photographing the outdoors.

Jacob Yesh-Brochstein

Data Analyst


Cassie is an indoor activity enthusiast who spends her free time crocheting, puzzling, painting, or playing video games.

Cassie Kinsora

Data Design Specialist


Laura loves the outdoors and leads guided backpacking trips.

Laura Lyons

GIS Analyst


Meghin shares her name with an antique shop in London.

Meghin Mather

Operations Coordinator


Stephanie has taken Polish dance classes since she was 4 years old and lived in Poland for 1.5 years.

Stephanie Quesnelle

Research Analyst


Erica spent one year knitting obsessively, including a dress that took six months.

Erica Raleigh

Executive Director


Noah is a huge fan of aquariums and has visited dozens across three continents.

Noah Urban

Director of Projects


Intro to D3

Work at D3


D3 is not currently hiring. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and LinkedIn for available opportunities in the future.


We love to welcome student interns into our workplace. D3 values equity and fair wages so we do not offer unpaid internships and will only consider those projects from students who have identified their own source of funding. We partner with programs of universities and other institutions, so check with your career center to see if there are funding opportunities available. Some of our strongest partnerships include the InnovateGov Internship Program (MSU), University of Michigan’s School of Information, and the Microsoft Cities Team.

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