Open Data Portals

A critical component of equitable access to data is the ability to find and trust the information you seek. While D3 maintains an open data portal with a wide breadth of downloadable data, we also often use open data resources from other organizations. Duplicating data efforts is a waste of time, but resource sharing is a great way to avoid it! Housed within each of these resources is an abundance of data about our city, region, and state.

Detroit Open Data PortalDiscover, explore, and download data specific to the city of Detroit.

State of Michigan Open Data Portal: View and analyze data provided by a variety of Michigan state agencies in one easy-to-view catalog. Create charts and graphs, filter and summarize data, and develop maps with the open data.

State of Michigan GIS Open Data Portal: Here you can browse, search, preview, and download a variety of Michigan’s geospatial datasets. Browse by category or enter key words in the search box to locate a dataset of interest. You can read its description to learn more and explore attributes before downloading. A variety of formats exist when downloading such as ESRI shapefile, spreadsheet, KML, or API.

SEMCOG Open Data Portal: SEMCOG supports local planning through providing technical, data, and intergovernmental resources. The work SEMCOG does improves the quality of the region’s water, makes the transportation system safer and more efficient, revitalizes communities, and spurs economic development. In an effort to provide easy and efficient access to spatial data, SEMCOG has created this open data portal.

Access Oakland: Find, explore, and download Oakland County data.

HUD Open Data Portal: Discover tabular and geospatial data from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.