Now hiring! Data Analyst & Research Analyst

We’re happy to announce that we have two job openings! 

We are looking for two skilled and enthusiastic individuals to fill the roles of Data Analyst and Research Analyst. These are full time positions that offer competitive salary and a number of benefits, including flexible paid time off; access to group health, dental, and vision insurance; a 401(k) plan; paid sabbatical and parental leave; and a commitment to work-life balance for all of our team members. 

This year, we’re accepting applications through the Non-Profit Personnel Network to bring this career opportunity to as many people who are passionate about data and making a difference in their community as possible. 

If you love database-oriented work, check out our Data Analyst position. 

The Data Analyst will join the D3 team as a go-between, serving a translating role between our analyst team and our database team. Candidates must be skilled in Microsoft Excel or have database experience. 

You can read more about the Data Analyst position and Data Driven Detroit, and apply online here

If you are more passionate about qualitative research, check out our Research Analyst position. 

The Research Analyst will help to strengthen our team’s capacity to do qualitative research and communicate about our data and work with partners across Detroit. Candidates must have experience and understanding of the qualitative research process and be skilled in Microsoft Excel or similar tools. 

You can learn more about the Research Analyst role and Data Driven Detroit, and apply online here