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Privacy Policy


Data Driven Detroit (D3) is committed to the confidentiality and protection of our partners’ data as well as the data collected from our website’s users. Traffic to our website is monitored only for summary purposes. Unless specified below, no personally identifying information is stored or collected.

Internal knowledge base

Our internal knowledge base is offline, not accessible off-site, and password protected, both for our security and that of our partners.


When a user submits an AskD3 request, they are asked to provide their name and email. This information is stored in our internal knowledge base along with the request and potential answers, so that D3 can review and respond to it. All personal information is strictly confidential and will never be used for commercial or advertising purposes.

Website visitors

D3 uses Google Analytics to store summary statistics on website traffic. No personally identifying information is stored by D3. Summary statistics include location (by country only), time spent on our webpage, and number of views. We also monitor the origin of the site visit (i.e. which website our link was followed from).

Downloaded datasets

No personal information is collected by D3 when a dataset is downloaded from our Open Data Portal.


D3 does not place cookies on our website. Google Analytics may place cookies, but these can be blocked without affecting your experience on our website.

Information sharing

D3 does not share names, email addresses, or any other personal information mentioned in this Privacy Policy with other institutions.


When applying to be a member of CUTGroup Detroit on our website, users are asked to enter individual information. This information is stored in our internal knowledge base and used only for purposes related to CUTGroup Detroit. Individual information is not shared.

Contact Us

Our Contact Us page offers the ability to enter a name and email address. Once submitted, an email is sent to our main server with the request information. The email address will not be contacted for any purpose outside of answering the question posed.

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