Brightmoor Study


In 2011, the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation asked D3 to provide a baseline profile of Detroit's Brightmoor community and assess the needs of children ages 0-5. D3's report called, \"The Brightmoor Community Needs Assessment\" analysed four categories of note: (1) current data on employment, housing, health, birth, family structure, etc.; (2) an inventory and mapping of existing assets pertaining to children and families in the Brightmoor and Cody Rouge communities such as schools, day care centers, physicians, medical clinics, food pantries, grocery stores, banks, etc.; 3) a comprehensive review of existing programs for children ages 0-5 in Brightmoor; (4) a discussion of the gaps between the needs of 0-5 year olds in Brightmoor and available resources to meet those needs.

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