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The Overall Neighborhood Score is comprised of all five indexes, weighted equally. Zero is average for Detroit.  More info...





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The Overall Neighborhood Score gives equal weight to the Social Disadvantage, Prestige, Business and Employment, Housing Type and Tenure, and Crime Indexes. A neighborhood score of zero is average for Detroit. A positive score indicates above average economic strength and a negative score conveys below average economic strength.


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There are three kinds of data. There are individual indicators, like mortgage approval rates or total employees. These are rolled up into indexes, like Social Disadvantage or Business and Employment. All these are then rolled up into one overall score.

After you choose your data, a short description will show up below. Follow the "more info" link to read a detailed description of that data.
Change the map's transparency and basemap.
Use the slider to make the colored census tracts transparent so you can read the base map more easily. Use the basemap buttons to select a gray, satellite, or topo map as the basemap.
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The colored bar helps compare this number to the rest of Detroit. Orange is worse than average, dark blue is better than average, and light blue is average.
This shows you what makes up each index.
This area shows you what components form that index.For each component, you see its z-score, its value, and the relative importance of that component in the index. Z-score just means, how does this number compare to Detroit's average? Zero is average, positive is above average, and negative is below.
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