Hope Starts Here

A community visioning process focused on creative a comprehensive framework for the early childhood ecosystem in Detroit.

The Kresge Foundation and The W.K. Kellogg Foundation teamed up to create Hope Starts Here, an initiative with the ambitious goal that by 2027, Detroit will be a city that puts its children and families first. D3 supported the Hope Starts Here process with data and maps showing the locations of childcare providers, indicators about healthy births in the city, and analysis of Great Start to Quality’s QRIS rating system.

When the community visioning process concluded, a public event celebrated the launch of the Hope Starts Here Framework. For the event, D3 created an online portal that showcases the research and data that has been developed by D3 and other organizations over the past few years. Users can explore indicators, datasets, maps, news articles, and blog posts related to early childhood in Detroit.