Using the Map
Within the map below, Detroit schools are shown by type of administration, and by school grade level. Grade levels were broadly assigned as K8, K12 or HS by Excellent Schools Detroit depending on their predominant grades served.By clicking on a school within the map, a user will have the option to download a .pdf map showing student dispersion patterns by either total numbers of students or as a percentage of the student body of the school.
Filtering Options
The filters at the top of the map allow the user to view only schools limited to their interest. With the drop down on the left, a user can select how she would like to see the data, by School Type, School Level or only schools in Skillman Good Neighborhoods. Depending on what is selected with the first drop down, the user can then subselect the category of schools she would like to view.

In the City of Detroit, where several schools may open and close each year, and where there are several different school systems in place, including the Detroit Public School system, the state-run Educational Achievement Authority, charter schools, private schools, and any other public school district due to a "Schools of Choice" provision in state law, students can find themselves attending school far from home and changing schools year to year. Since the 2010-11 school year, D3 has created a series of maps to better understand where students from different parts of the city attend school.

For the first time, beginning fall of 2013 data, Data Driven Detroit was able to perform our student dispersion analysis on more than just schools from the Detroit City School District. The Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI), working with the Michigan Center for Shared Solutions (CSS), provided Data Driven Detroit with census block codes approximating student residence information and the school they attended from the October 2013 student count for all students attending school at any publicly funded school within Detroit. With this information, D3 created maps for each school in Detroit that show how many kids travel to the school from different areas of the city.

We hope that this tool helps parents, educators and policy makers better understand school commuting patterns and the distances youth are traveling for education in the city.

Dispersion analyses were performed for previous years.

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