D3 Launches New Parcel-Level Data Tool for Sustainable Communities

Because of technical difficulties and outdated datasets this tool has been deprecated. Please check out the Residential Typology Tool created in collaboration with Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) for a similar tool that encompasses all of Detroit!

Up-to-date property information is essential to revitalization efforts in Detroit’s neighborhoods. Data at the parcel level provides the most detailed and fine-grained picture of local conditions. To support Detroit LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities Initiative, Data Driven Detroit (D3) was pleased to create a tool that supported planning and development in the Grand/Woodward, Grandmont Rosedale, and Springwells Village neighborhoods. An interactive map combined multiple public data sources in one interface, greatly reducing the time needed to research parcel-level information.

Additionally we included features that allowed users to interactively visualize parcel conditions by theme for the area of their choice. Users could also view and print parcel reports that included information about tax status, ownership, structure details, vacancy, neighborhood amenities, and more.

Below is a further Q and A discussion that highlighted many of this tools features:

Q. How do I see all vacant lots at a glance?

A. Select your neighborhood, then click on the Map Options tab, then select the Vacancy theme. Vacant lots are colored green; parcels with vacant residential building are hot pink.

Q. What are housing conditions like in this neighborhood?

A.  Select your neighborhood, then click on the Map Options tab, then select the Condition theme. Housing conditions are color-coded according to the legend.

Q. I’m considering acquiring a particular parcel to start a business. How can I tell if it fits my needs?

A. Once you’ve selected a neighborhood, click on the parcel of interest. Use the accordion tabs to browse through Administrative, Building, and Neighborhood information, such as zoning, square footage, and ownership. To get a “fact-sheet” with all information on  one page, click on Printer-Friendly Parcel Report.

This parcel tool is funded by the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation.