5 Essential Podcasts You Should Be Listening To From Erica Raleigh (+55 Bonus Podcasts)

For those of us who are constantly on the go and on long commutes, podcasts provide an opportunity to keep on top of things we love without skipping a beat. We sat down with our executive director, Erica Raleigh, and discussed some of her favorite podcasts that she listens to in between her busy days.

1) Fresh Air hosted by Terry Gross:

While mostly known as a talk show, Fresh Air focuses on the topics of contemporary issues throughout the country. Terry Gross is known for her revolutionary interviews, with probing questions and unusual insights.

Why Erica’s into it: “I just can’t help it! Terry Gross is one of my favorite interviewers on the planet. They’re always a good place to get recent and historical news, and in long-form, so there’s time for nuance.”

2) The TED Radio Hour:  

This podcast is based on various TED Talks and each episode centers on a common theme – such as the five senses, adaptation, or failure – and brings these ideas to life.

Why Erica’s into it: “The Ted Radio Hour is a lovely radio-friendly extension of one of my favorite internet pastimes. Guy Raz is an inquisitive and enthusiastic host who takes listeners on a journey that weaves together several TED Talk speakers around a single theme. The recent one on Reconciliation helped me breathe a little easier about 2016.”

3) Radiolab Presents—More Perfect: 

Named after the phrase ‘in order to create a more perfect union’ from the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, this podcast covers the decisions made inside the Supreme Court, but bypasses the legalese and tells stories behind some of the court’s biggest rulings.

Why Erica’s into it: “You probably never knew it, but you are really, really interested in these deep dives into issues considered by the United States Supreme Court. ”

4) StartUp

Each season discusses how successful businesses were started, and it has transformed into a flow of following some of these businesses. The first season followed the building of Gimlet Media, StartUp’s parent company.

Why Erica’s into it: “The hutzpah required to record and publish the founding of a company is probably beyond me, but Alex Blumberg made it work. I love knowing the complexities and hurdles we face on a regular basis are not unique to us and find myself eagerly awaiting each new episode release.”

5) This American Life:

This American Life is hosted by Ira Glass and is routinely one of iTunes’ top podcasts. Each This American Life episode has a theme and showcases a variety of stories around that theme.

Why Erica’s into it: “How could I not listen to the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts?!”

We’re feeling it!

Oh! Make sure to check out this really great blog by FiveThirtyEight. It’s probably one of the most inspirational write-ups that Erica has come across—her words! 👇

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