Introducing: Our New and Improved Website

A little over a year ago, we wrote about our website and how it was…less than functional.

The good news is that since then, we’ve been hard at work building a new website from scratch that’s more useful all around. This new (beta) site makes it easier not only for us to communicate about our story and the work we’re doing, but also for you to find and access data tools and resources. We even user tested it before launch.

Some highlights:

  • You can quickly find information about our most recent projects like Hope Starts Here and Turning the Corner
  • You can easily access all of our tools (plus a few from other organizations) from our Toolbox
  • You can learn more about data and why it’s important from our What Is Data? page and more about how to interact with it from our recently revised FAQs
  • You can navigate with ease to our About, Contact Us, and AskD3 pages to find more and connect with the folks behind the data curtain

We’re also currently developing a user-friendly way to catalog and display all of the maps, infographics, and reports we’ve created over the past decade. Once complete, you’ll be able to search them, view them, print them, and use them in your daily work. Until then, please reach out via AskD3 and we’ll be happy to send you whatever you need.

Launching the website in its current beta format affords us the opportunity to continue making improvements as we receive feedback from actual users. That being said, please provide feedback by clicking on the banner on the home page (it’s orange; you can’t miss it) or by sending us an email at We want to ensure you’re able to access the information you need to make a difference in our city, region, and state.