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Celebrating 10 Years of D3

A decade is a long time! 2008 was the height of the Great Recession, the first election of President Obama, and the year Data Driven Detroit was founded (albeit under a different name). Originally called the Detroit-Area Community Information System (or D-ACIS), D3...

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Apply Now: Data Analyst @ Data Driven Detroit!

What:  Data Driven Detroit (D3) is seeking an experienced and energetic applicant to enhance our analytical team in the role of Data Analyst.  This is a full-time salaried position, working 40 hours per week with a salary range of $45,000 - $53,000 depending on...

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The Digital Divide and Census 2020

This is the eleventh blog post in an in-depth series exploring the history and future of the US Census. If you’re interested in other subjects related to Census 2020, check out the list of all our blog posts about it at the end of this post. The Decennial Census in...

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