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Introducing: Our New and Improved Website

A little over a year ago, we wrote about our website and how it was…less than functional. The good news is that since then, we’ve been hard at work building a new website from scratch that's more useful all around. This new (beta) site makes it easier not only for us...

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Community Data Support

In June 2017, The Kresge Foundation awarded Data Driven Detroit a grant to bolster its efforts as Detroit’s community data intermediary and support several existing initiatives. We continue to show thanks to our funders and partners by showcasing the important work...

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Measuring Hard to Count Populations

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Census Bureau does not perform with 100 percent accuracy when carrying out its official Census every 10 years. Some people are difficult to reach, and others may decide not to fill out the form. If the number of people who do not...

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Redistricting and the Census

This is the seventh blog post in an in-depth series exploring the history and future of the US Census. Explore our first post introducing readers to the history of the census and its importance. If you’re interested in other subjects related to Census 2020, check out...

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